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Agora Road is a scam/impersonator marketplace on the dark web that attempts to replicate the same success as “Silk Road,” an early and well-respected dark web marketplace. However, this site is nothing more than a fraudulent platform that should be avoided. The second you enter the site, you are greeted with a plethora of fake services, such as Paypal/WU Transfers, which are well-known scam offerings. No legitimate vendors sell such a thing, and it is a pipe dream for many get-rich-quick customers. There are no real “Vendors” on this website, and it is all owned by one individual. The site offers products at prices well below retail, which is a major red flag. There is no incentive for a vendor to sell a MacBook Pro for less than retail, and this is a blatant scam. In conclusion, Agora Road is a fraudulent platform on the dark web that should be avoided. Don’t fall for their deceptive tactics, and always prioritize legal and ethical practices when conducting any online transactions. Keep your funds safe and stay away from such fraudulent activities on the dark web.