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In the vast world of online shopping, it is imperative to exercise caution and skepticism, particularly when encountering platforms like Apples4Bitcoin. This tor scam site claims to offer brand new, factory unlocked iPhone XS and XR models, assuring customers that these phones are not reported as stolen. However, the promises and claims made by Apples4Bitcoin are nothing more than deceptive tactics to lure unsuspecting buyers into a web of illicit transactions and potential legal troubles. The lack of transparency and credibility surrounding Apples4Bitcoin is deeply concerning. The site fails to provide any concrete information regarding its ownership, sources, or authorized retailers. While asserting that the phones are not reported as stolen, the site conveniently sidesteps the essential verification process that ensures the legitimacy of the devices. Additionally, the promise of factory-unlocked iPhones raises questions about the source of these phones, as legitimate manufacturers typically do not sell unlocked devices directly. This ambiguity and lack of accountability strongly suggest that Apples4Bitcoin operates solely for the purpose of facilitating illegal activities and scamming unsuspecting buyers. In conclusion, Apples4Bitcoin is a tor scam site that falsely claims to offer brand new, factory unlocked iPhone models that are not reported as stolen. Its lack of transparency, absence of credible verification processes, and dubious promises hint at its true intentions. Consumers must remain vigilant, rely on trusted sources, and conduct thorough research before engaging with online storefronts to protect themselves from potential scams and legal repercussions.