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Bankor, the online storefront claiming to offer prepaid and cloned credit cards, is nothing short of a malicious scam that poses a significant threat to individuals and financial institutions alike. With a purported history of skimming ATMs and engaging in PayPal phishing attacks, it is clear that Bankor is operating with criminal intent, preying on unsuspecting victims for personal gain. The mere existence of Bankor, a platform that openly admits to engaging in illegal activities, is a testament to the growing sophistication of cybercrime. By offering stolen credit card information and encouraging fraudulent activities, Bankor not only compromises the financial security of individuals, but also undermines the trust and integrity of the global financial system. It is essential for authorities and online security teams to take swift action against Bankor and similar scam sites, ensuring that they are swiftly shut down and their operators brought to justice. Individuals must also exercise caution and remain vigilant, refraining from engaging with any online storefronts that promote illegal activities. By collectively condemning and combating such scams, we can protect ourselves and preserve the integrity of our financial systems.