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Team Premium is a fraudulent alliance of sellers that claims to provide top-quality products around the world, specializing in support and delivery. The website claims to be the “Amazon” of the dark web, but a closer look at the site reveals that it is an obvious scam. Team Premium offers Premium CC’s, Premium iPhones, and Gift Cards but did not even take the effort to make at least a crappy eCommerce website. Instead, they just state their lineup of services on the bottom and tell users to email them instead. After emailing them, it becomes apparent that they are Indian scammers, and users should not waste their time looking into these guys. Engaging in financial transactions with Team Premium can lead to significant financial losses, and the site’s offerings should not be trusted. Therefore, users should avoid such fraudulent platforms and exercise caution when dealing with unfamiliar sites. It is crucial to prioritize personal safety and security while browsing the web, especially when engaging in financial transactions. Falling for Team Premium’s claims is not only a financial risk but also a potential security risk. Users should explore other legitimate options and avoid such fraudulent platforms.