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BitCards claims to be a carding service operating worldwide through the Tor network since 2015. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that this online storefront is nothing more than a deceptive scam. The website attempts to distance itself from any affiliation with other carding groups on the clearnet or Telegram, warning users to be cautious of scammers attempting to clone their website. Paradoxically, BitCards itself appears to engage in similar deceitful tactics, raising serious doubts about the legitimacy of their operations. One of the glaring red flags that immediately raises concerns is the lack of transparency surrounding BitCards’ true identity and ownership. The absence of any verifiable information regarding the individuals behind this service is deeply troubling. This anonymity not only undermines the credibility of BitCards but also leaves unsuspecting users vulnerable to potential scams or fraudulent activities. Furthermore, the vague and ambiguous language used on the website exacerbates the suspicion surrounding BitCards. While they claim to be operating since 2015, no concrete evidence or testimonies are provided to support this assertion. The warnings about scammers impersonating BitCards also come across as an attempt to deflect blame, rather than a genuine concern for users’ safety. With such evasive practices and lack of accountability, it is evident that BitCards is not a trustworthy carding service. In conclusion, BitCards raises numerous red flags that cannot be ignored. The lack of transparency, ambiguous language, and absence of verifiable information all contribute to the perception that this online storefront is nothing more than a fraudulent scheme. Users are strongly advised to steer clear of BitCards and seek more reputable and legitimate alternatives for their carding needs.