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BuyCVV claims to be a reputable vendor, boasting about their successful delivery of over 1,200+ orders and a high customer satisfaction rate. However, a closer look at their background raises serious concerns about their legitimacy. They claim to have started selling on the now-defunct Empire Market in 2017, but no verifiable evidence of their existence prior to that can be found. Furthermore, since Empire Market’s shutdown in August 2020, BuyCVV conveniently emerged as an independent entity, calling themselves Carding Team. This sudden shift raises suspicions of being a scam site attempting to capitalize on the reputation of a now-defunct marketplace. Their vague location in Utah adds to the overall lack of transparency surrounding their operations. BuyCVV also offers mentoring services, supposedly to assist beginners in their illicit activities. However, the lack of detailed information about these services raises further doubts about their credibility. The absence of clear guidelines and specific tools provided only adds to the skepticism surrounding their intentions. It is crucial for potential clients to exercise extreme caution when considering engaging with BuyCVV. Their claims of success and positive reviews seem dubious at best, and the lack of verifiable information raises serious concerns about their legitimacy. It is advisable to seek out reputable and transparent vendors who prioritize the security and well-being of their customers over questionable and potentially illegal endeavors.