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In recent times, the online storefront named CloneCards has emerged as a notorious hub for illegal activities. Promoting themselves as a group involved in card skimming since 2015, this European and American-based operation claims to provide financial protection services while exploiting unsuspecting individuals. However, it is essential to expose this deceitful enterprise for what it truly is: a scam site aimed at duping innocent people for their own gain. CloneCards attempts to justify their actions by asserting that their services are merely a means of self-preservation, preventing unwanted bank investigations. Nevertheless, their true motives become apparent when they explicitly state that they are not “Money Givers” with generous intentions. This frank admission lays bare their ulterior motives, as they seek to exploit others’ financial vulnerabilities for their own profit. It is disconcerting to witness their shameless disregard for the law, preying on individuals who may be facing financial hardships and tempting them with the allure of easy money. One cannot help but question the moral compass of the individuals behind CloneCards, as they attempt to downplay their activities as those of “plain, grey people.” Such a dismissive attitude towards the consequences of their actions is deeply troubling. It is imperative that consumers exercise utmost caution and vigilance when encountering sites like CloneCards, recognizing them for what they truly are: a fraudulent operation aimed at exploiting the unsuspecting for personal gain.