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Choose Better claims to be an authoritative source on the deep web, providing information about legitimate services and scams for a fee. However, their self-proclaimed expertise and the nature of their services raise serious concerns about their legitimacy and the value they offer to their customers. The statement that they have already tested numerous sites and can determine which are scams and which are not is dubious at best. Without providing any evidence or detailed methodology, it is difficult to trust their claims. Moreover, their lack of transparency regarding the specific services they offer raises questions about their true intentions. By charging money for information about scams, Choose Better seems to be profiting from an unethical practice, potentially misleading individuals who are seeking genuine assistance in navigating the deep web. In conclusion, Choose Better’s claim to provide valuable insights into the legitimacy of deep web services is questionable. Their lack of transparency, vague descriptions, and profit-driven model suggest that they may be nothing more than a deceptive scam site themselves. Users are advised to approach such platforms with caution and seek alternative, reliable sources for information on the deep web.