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CREDIT CARD CENTER claims to be a reputable group of international Carders and Money Cleaning Experts, offering their services on the Darknet. However, upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that this online storefront is nothing more than a scam. With dubious claims of being active sellers on seized marketplaces like Alphabay and Dreammarket, the lack of a reliable market has conveniently led them to sell exclusively through their own website. One of the major red flags is their promise to provide card details within 20 minutes via email. This raises concerns about the legitimacy and security of their operations. Moreover, their assurance that prepaid cards do not come with 3D verification raises even more suspicion. It is clear that CREDIT CARD CENTER is targeting individuals who are seeking to make online payments without proper verification processes, putting unsuspecting customers at risk of fraudulent activities. In response to a customer’s query about physical card delivery for ATM cashout, CREDIT CARD CENTER encourages them to contact them via email with their order ID. This approach further demonstrates their lack of transparency and legitimacy. It is highly likely that such communication would only lead to further scams or attempts to extract personal information for malicious purposes. In conclusion, CREDIT CARD CENTER is a fake tor scam site that preys on individuals seeking card services on the Darknet. Their claims of being reputable sellers with thousands of positive reviews are unsubstantiated, and their practices raise serious concerns about the security and legitimacy of their operations. It is crucial for users to exercise caution and avoid engaging with such fraudulent platforms to protect themselves from potential financial and personal harm.