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In an alarming display of disregard for public safety and ethical standards, EuroGuns presents itself as an online storefront offering brand new firearms that are allegedly free of gun oil, enabling them to clear customs seamlessly. This blatant attempt to circumvent regulations and facilitate the illegal importation of firearms is deeply concerning. EuroGuns’ deceptive practices, such as disassembling handguns and shipping them inside power tools, or disguising rifles within computer cases, only further highlight their questionable motives and disregard for responsible gun ownership. The inclusion of instructions for assembling and maintaining the purchased firearms is particularly troubling. This implies that EuroGuns not only encourages the acquisition of weapons but also assumes buyers have little to no prior knowledge or experience with firearms. Such a lack of concern for the safety and proficiency of purchasers is deeply concerning and undermines the importance of responsible gun ownership. By providing firearms without proper vetting or guidance, EuroGuns creates a dangerous environment that can lead to unintended accidents or misuse. In conclusion, EuroGuns is a highly concerning online storefront that promotes illicit firearm trade and demonstrates a complete disregard for public safety. The deceptive practices employed to bypass customs, combined with the lack of responsible gun ownership measures, underscore the need for stringent regulations and vigilant enforcement to prevent the misuse of firearms. Responsible individuals should avoid engaging with EuroGuns or any similar platforms that compromise the safety and well-being of our communities.