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“Fakenote Factory” is a fraudulent website that sells fake notes, which may be enticing to those who are not familiar with the dark web. The website’s pricing and terms seem realistic, but they are designed to scam you out of as much money as possible. For example, they charge around $100 for a minimum order of $170, which is done to maximize their profits. They even claim to accept escrow, but when you inquire about it, they give excuses like “that escrow doesn’t seem safe for our deal” or “that escrow is not legit,” until you give up and pay them directly. Moreover, their policy states that they will not provide any images or other proofs, claiming that anyone can download an image from the internet and offer it as proof. This is an illogical excuse, as any genuine vendor would be able to take a photo of their product and put their name or date on it as proof. In conclusion, “Fakenote Factory” is a well-constructed scam that you should avoid at all costs.