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Football Money is a fraudulent website that claims to have insight into fixed matches, aimed at betters and gamblers, specifically in soccer or “futbol” as they say overseas. After investigating their hosting and VPS settings, it becomes apparent that the site is owned by the same owner as this website: (http://6thhimkhby4az3vz.onion/), and both sites carry some of the same website design characteristics. The sites both incorporate a fake “Trust Score” icon and other obvious features. The root website for “Team Premium,” the other website they own, is also a scam. The concept of “fixed games” has been debunked many times, and Football Money even claims to have fixed game insight on games during the normal season. Engaging in financial transactions with Football Money can lead to significant financial losses, and the site’s offerings should not be trusted. Therefore, users should not waste their money on this and avoid such fraudulent platforms. It is crucial to prioritize personal safety and security while browsing the web, especially when dealing with unfamiliar sites. Falling for Football Money’s claims is not only a financial risk but also a potential security risk. Users should explore other legitimate options and avoid such fraudulent platforms.