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Guttenberg Print is a fraudulent website that claims to sell fake bills of the highest quality. Their website features persuasive copywriting to lure unsuspecting users into purchasing their fraudulent products. However, after emailing them, it became clear that they do not provide any proof of their operations or bills. Unlike other counterfeit sites, Guttenberg Print’s website does not feature terribly photoshopped proofs. Instead, they use language and mental tricks to try to make themselves seem “different from the competitors.” They even promote reasonable pricing, such as selling two hundred dollar bills for $120, and encourage purchasing a sample first. However, this is just a strategy to scam users for a minimum of $120. It is important to note that Guttenberg Print is an obvious scam, and users should not fall for it, especially if they are new to fraud. Engaging in financial transactions with such fraudulent platforms can lead to significant financial losses, and users should exercise caution when dealing with unfamiliar sites. It is essential to prioritize personal safety and security while browsing the web. Falling for Guttenberg Print’s claims is not only a financial risk but also a potential security risk. Users should explore other legitimate options and avoid such fraudulent platforms.