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PopBuy Market is a fraudulent platform on the dark web that claims to sell a wide range of products, including drugs, electronics, counterfeits, documents, gift cards, money transfers, carding products, and guns. They claim to be a peer-to-peer marketplace that specializes in various niches. However, this website is an obvious scam. The level of traffic and notoriety required to offer such a wide range of products is immense, which is the first red flag about this website. It takes thousands of different vendors to have such a mixed selection of products as offered on the site. PopBuy is not a popular or well-known site, making it infeasible to offer so many products. Moreover, for around 80% of the products on the site, there is zero proof of the product itself. They sell products within the carding sector, such as “Prepaid Cards,” which are well-known scams. PopBuy Market is an absolute fake market and a scam. They also offer an escrow solution, which is also a scam within itself, and should not be trusted. In conclusion, PopBuy Market is a fraudulent platform that should be avoided at all costs. Don’t fall for their deceptive tactics, and always prioritize legal and ethical practices when conducting any online transactions. Keep your funds safe and stay away from such fraudulent activities on the dark web.