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“The Escrow” is a scam website that claims to provide escrow services for criminal transactions on the dark web. The very premise of this website should set off alarm bells. Why would an entity with no legal standing agree to hold money for illegal transactions? The answer is simple; they won’t. This site’s name, “The Escrow,” is laughable and a clear indication of the lack of effort put into creating it. The site claims to have processed over 12,000 orders, which is highly unlikely given the site’s low traffic. In reality, this traffic is nothing more than the owner’s multiple other scam sites, where they redirect victims with trust issues. The website promises a fee of 2.5% for their escrow services. However, it is important to note that scammers can easily take the money out of the escrow without delivering any products or services. If a vendor directs you to this site to use its escrow services, it is an obvious scam. Real vendors always let the buyer choose which escrow to use, and there is no reason to trust a vendor who tries to force you to use a specific escrow service. In conclusion, “The Escrow” is a scam, and users should exercise extreme caution when encountering such platforms on the dark web. It is important to prioritize personal safety and security, as well as adhere to legal guidelines and ethical practices when navigating the complex and often dangerous landscape of the dark web.