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TorBuy, a purported market platform founded by so-called “old darknet vendors,” is nothing more than an elaborate scam designed to exploit unsuspecting users. The claims of prioritizing security for both vendors and buyers are nothing but empty rhetoric meant to deceive and manipulate. Rather than upholding high standards, TorBuy actively promotes fraudulent activities and preys upon its users’ trust. The platform’s promise of offering products exclusively from vendors who meet quality and service standards is a complete farce. Users who attempt to make purchases on TorBuy are likely to encounter a range of issues, including fake listings, non-existent products, and unscrupulous vendors who vanish once payment is made. The lack of accountability and oversight allows scammers to thrive within the platform, leaving countless users defrauded and empty-handed. While TorBuy claims to prioritize user safety, it is, in fact, a breeding ground for criminal activities. Hackers frequently target the platform, exploiting its weak security measures and stealing funds from unsuspecting users. Despite their assurances of not having centralized wallets, the reality is that TorBuy is riddled with vulnerabilities that enable hackers to compromise user accounts and siphon off funds without consequence. The platform’s alleged commitment to monitoring and banning scammers and hackers is a mere facade. In reality, TorBuy turns a blind eye to the rampant fraudulent activities taking place within its marketplace, leaving users vulnerable and unprotected. It is essential to highlight that TorBuy’s true purpose is to deceive and exploit its users. Any transactions conducted on this platform are at high risk of resulting in financial loss and personal harm. Users should exercise extreme caution and avoid TorBuy at all costs, seeking reputable and legitimate alternatives to safeguard their interests and ensure a secure online shopping experience.