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True Money, an alleged anonymous marketplace claiming to have 100% verified sellers, is nothing more than a slick facade hiding a dangerous scam. While the promise of anonymity and verified sellers may appear appealing to those seeking privacy and security, our investigation has revealed a disturbing truth behind True Money’s claims. First and foremost, the supposed verification process for sellers is nothing but smoke and mirrors. True Money fails to provide any substantial evidence or transparency regarding their verification procedures, leaving users unsure of the legitimacy of the sellers they encounter. This lack of transparency exposes users to the risk of engaging with fraudulent vendors and falling victim to scams or counterfeit products. Moreover, True Money’s alleged commitment to anonymity is also suspect. Despite advertising itself as an anonymous marketplace, our research has found several instances where user information was compromised, leading to potential privacy breaches. This deceptive practice not only undermines the trust users place in True Money but also exposes them to significant risks when conducting transactions within the platform. In conclusion, True Money is a deceitful anonymous marketplace that fails to deliver on its promise of verified sellers and anonymity. The lack of transparency in the verification process and the compromised user information highlight the inherent dangers of engaging with this platform. We strongly caution individuals against using True Money and urge them to seek safer and more trustworthy alternatives in the pursuit of anonymous online marketplaces.