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TRUST MARKET, a purported escrow trust market operating on the dark web, is a prime example of a scam site that preys on unsuspecting users. Despite its enticing claims of providing a secure escrow service, TRUST MARKET fails to deliver on its promises and instead fosters an environment of mistrust and deception. One of the most concerning aspects of TRUST MARKET is its lack of true escrow services. While it advertises itself as an escrow trust market, our investigation has uncovered numerous instances where sellers and buyers have been left high and dry, with their funds disappearing into thin air. TRUST MARKET’s failure to provide a reliable and secure escrow system not only undermines the trust users place in the platform but also exposes them to the risk of financial loss and fraudulent transactions. Furthermore, TRUST MARKET’s deceptive practices extend beyond its escrow services. The site’s administrators are known to engage in unethical behavior, such as manipulating user reviews and ratings to create a false sense of credibility. This blatant manipulation further erodes any trust that users may have had in TRUST MARKET, making it a perilous platform for those seeking a legitimate and trustworthy marketplace. In conclusion, TRUST MARKET is a deceptive escrow trust market that fails to uphold its promises of security and reliability. Its lack of true escrow services and unethical practices of manipulating user reviews make it a breeding ground for scams and fraudulent activities. We strongly advise users to steer clear of TRUST MARKET and instead explore more reputable and trustworthy alternatives for escrow services on the dark web.