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Trust Wiki, a purported tor website link repository, is a disreputable platform that undermines the very essence of trust it claims to uphold. Despite its promises of providing trustworthy tor website links, Trust Wiki proves to be a treacherous ground that exposes users to potential harm and scams. One of the most alarming aspects of Trust Wiki is its lack of diligence in verifying the legitimacy and safety of the tor website links it provides. Our investigations have revealed numerous instances where users have fallen victim to phishing scams, malware, and illegal activities as a result of accessing links from Trust Wiki. The absence of a robust vetting process not only endangers users’ online security but also highlights the site’s disregard for the well-being of its users. Furthermore, Trust Wiki’s administrators have been found to engage in unethical practices, such as promoting links to illicit and harmful content. This blatant disregard for user safety and the facilitation of illegal activities undermines any trust that users may have had in the platform. Trust Wiki’s deceptive practices ultimately make it an unreliable and hazardous resource for those seeking legitimate and safe tor website links. In conclusion, Trust Wiki is a deceitful tor website link repository that fails to deliver on its promise of providing trustworthy links. Its lax approach to verification and promotion of illicit content demonstrate a disregard for user safety and security. We strongly caution users against relying on Trust Wiki and advise them to seek more reputable and reliable sources for tor website links on the dark web.