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Emerging in September 2021 following the closure of AlphaBay, Abacus Market swiftly made its mark as one of the notorious dark web markets operating on the Tor network. Conducting its operations primarily in English, Abacus Market aimed to draw the attention of threat actors from AlphaBay in its early days. Presently, it offers over 40,000 products across various categories.

These categories include Drugs & Chemicals (29,031), Counterfeit items (298), Digital Products (3,348), Fraud (5,470), Guides & Tutorials (4,503), Jewels & Gold (44), Carded items (28), Services (780), Software & Malware (1,242), Security & Hosting (154), and Other Listings (146). With features like a bug bounty program, Two-Factor Authentication (2FA), and abundant phishing warnings, Abacus Market aims to safeguard the privacy and security of its users.

As of March 21, 2024, Abacus Market has been striving to boost its illegal trade by enticing users from the recently closed Incognito Market onto its platform. Bitcoin and Monero remain the primary currencies used for transactions within the market.

According to DarkWebInformer, a cybersecurity and dark web researcher active on X, Abacus Market is estimated to be valued at $15 million.