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Njalla, a privacy-focused domain name service founded by Pirate Bay’s Peter Sunde, offers a privacy shield as a proxy for domain name registrars. It allows owners to keep their personal details anonymous in public records. Njalla’s mission is to provide an alternative for those seeking anonymity in a society where privacy is being compromised. While Njalla has gained many satisfied customers, it has faced criticism from copyright holders who accuse it of protecting pirate sites. The company has a history of standing strong against legal pressure and has complied with court orders while dismissing complaints and requests, even from the US Government. Recently, Njalla had to take several accused pirate sites offline due to legal pressure from Iceland. Local copyright holders targeted the .is domain registry, ISNIC, over Njalla-registered domains. In response, Njalla took action to protect other .is domains under their control. The affected sites have transitioned to new domains, with operators understanding the necessity of Njalla’s actions. Despite the challenges, Njalla remains committed to privacy. Legal pressure continues, and an ongoing court case in Iceland may shed further light on the matter.